Marcus-Gunnar Pettersson

Stockholm, Sweden

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Picture Books


The year is 1912. The bookseller Wilfred M. Voynich, who has dedicated his life to the search for rare literature, is in one of the many mansions belonging to the Society of Jesus – Villa Mondragone in western Italy, outside of Rome. Before him in a coffin packed with ancient, dusty volumes is a very strange manuscript which, to this date, has cryptologists scratching their heads. It has been written using an unknown alphabet in what appears to be an unknown language.

The only things that can be properly interpreted in what has come to be known as the Voynich Manuscript are the sloppy, but expressive, illustrations that decorate almost every page. Illustrations of strange plants, cosmological maps of unknown firmaments, marching naked women bathing in green pools, piping systems and what are believed to be some types of alchemist recipes.


This was my degree project at Konstfack 2013, where I've chosen to provide space for the clues in this mystery and placed my interpretation of the illustrations in a 3-dimensional environment, in the form of a board game. The elements have become the pieces, the playing board and the strategies: elements that construct a game of achieving eternal life.